Lecture: Palestinian children in Israeli detention

Children around the world are sadly often the victims of armed conflict. In 2014, Palestine became party to the International Convention on the Rights of the Child. Despite the fact that many provisions of this Convention are binding upon Israel, many Palestinian children live in fear and experience numerous violations of their rights. In April a report by Defence for Children was published detailing that hundreds of Palestinian children are put in Israeli detention every year. In this lecture two speakers are invited and they will inform us some more about these ongoing violations against children’s rights. 
Arie de Bruin will speak about his book ‘Je bent er geweest’, a book that rises in protest against these violations. Arie has visited Israel and Palestine, and the things he saw and experienced  there moved him to write the book. Through poems and illustrations, he tries to bring the situation, and the experiences of the children living through it, closer to his readers. 
Mieke Zagt, director of Tadamun Foundation, a sister-organization of Defence for Children, will speak about their recently published report. Tadamun works together with Defence for Children International Palestine (DCIP) and other partners for a safe and just future for Palestinian children.
This will be our last FFIPP event of 2016 before the new interns head off to Palestine and Israel. Really look forward to seeing you there.
Once again we’ll be at CREA cafe Nieuwe Achtergracht 170
30 June at 20:00
And it’s free for students and 5euro for non-students.

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