Food at Zaal 100

Our next event (though not our last of this year – see the below post for information about our lecture on Palestinian children being held in Israeli detention) is a very collaborative effort.
On Wednesday the 22nd June we want to invite you to join us at Zaal 100 for an evening of delicious food and beautiful music.
Wednesday’s regular cooks at Zaal 100 – stichting VEKO’s Erik and their volunteers – have agreed to share their kitchen with us for a one-night-only special of tasty Middle-Eastern food.
We at FFIPP will be made kitchen assistants for the night and we’ll be following the directions of some amazing people versed in the preparation of this cuisine.
 Together we are going to serve up a 3-course meal, using organic produce, with both vegan and vegetarian choices, all for only 9 euro.
On the night we’ll be serving food between 18hr – 20hr, but we’re aware we’ll be in the middle of Ramadan and if you want to eat with us later in the evening we can make sure there are plates set aside for you.
Please make a reservation by sending us a quick mail at indicating how many of you will eat, whether you want vegan or vegetarian food, and if you need to eat later.
There will also be interesting additions to the food we’ll keep you posted with the who and hoe laat in the coming days.
Hope to see you there!!

Lecture: Palestinian children in Israeli detention

Children around the world are sadly often the victims of armed conflict. In 2014, Palestine became party to the International Convention on the Rights of the Child. Despite the fact that many provisions of this Convention are binding upon Israel, many Palestinian children live in fear and experience numerous violations of their rights. In April a report by Defence for Children was published detailing that hundreds of Palestinian children are put in Israeli detention every year. In this lecture two speakers are invited and they will inform us some more about these ongoing violations against children’s rights. 
Arie de Bruin will speak about his book ‘Je bent er geweest’, a book that rises in protest against these violations. Arie has visited Israel and Palestine, and the things he saw and experienced  there moved him to write the book. Through poems and illustrations, he tries to bring the situation, and the experiences of the children living through it, closer to his readers. 
Mieke Zagt, director of Tadamun Foundation, a sister-organization of Defence for Children, will speak about their recently published report. Tadamun works together with Defence for Children International Palestine (DCIP) and other partners for a safe and just future for Palestinian children.
This will be our last FFIPP event of 2016 before the new interns head off to Palestine and Israel. Really look forward to seeing you there.
Once again we’ll be at CREA cafe Nieuwe Achtergracht 170
30 June at 20:00
And it’s free for students and 5euro for non-students.

Event met Anja Meulenbelt

Op 5 april bieden wij het podium aan Anja Meulenbelt, een schrijfster, feministe, activiste en politica. In 1994 ging zij voor het eerst naar Gaza en sindsdien zet zij zich in voor de rechten van de Palestijnen. Ook is zij de oprichter van Stichting Kifaia die een organisatie ondersteunt die community based gezondheidszorg organiseert voor bewoners in Gaza. In haar boek Kwart over Gaza gaat zij in op antisemitisme, islamofobie en het verband tussen de twee. Op 5 april zal verder ingaan op deze twee fenomenen en zal zij meer vertellen over haar boek.

Waar: Café CREA, Nieuwe Achtergracht 170

Datum: 5 April

Tijd: 20:00

Kost: Gratis voor studenten; Euro 5 voor anderen

Taal: Nederlands

Information night: 23rd February 2016

Each summer FFIPP chapters send a number of students to Israel / Palestine to learn more about the situation there, with the aim ultimately of sharing some of this information with others in the chapter country. This year the summer program runs from 10 July – 14 August, and on the 23rd February 2016 at CREA cafe Amsterdam some of 2015’s interns give some information about the internship, share some of their experiences of the program, and give information about how you can apply. The internship is only open to people who are students, and for them entrance is gratis.

Lecture: Products that come from illegal settlements

On 21st January 2016 the FFIPP Educational network for human rights in Palestine / Israel will host researchers from docP and SOMO.

Together we invite you to come along to CREA café, Amsterdam at 20:00 and hear representatives from these organizations share some of their knowledge about products exported from illegal settlements, and how they find their way here to the Netherlands.

DocP is a Dutch research foundation committed to achieving a free Palestine. In collaboration and solidarity with the international movement of Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS), docP campaigns against companies who profit from the occupation. For more information about docP check out their website

SOMO is a research foundation too, with a focus on ensuring fair and sustainable development for all. SOMO researchers recently reported on the Dutch supermarkets profiting from the ongoing occupation of Palestinian land and they will share some of their findings with us on this night.
For more information about SOMO check out

The event is free for students and Euro for non-students.

If you are interested in learning more about the trade of products grown in the Occupied Territories but exported by Israel to the Netherlands, come along on the 21st.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Call for applicants FFIPP Education Program 2015

Would you like to learn more about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and obtain a perspective that goes beyond the media stories? Would you like to meet with journalists, human rights activists, settlers, NGO representatives, refugees and other Palestinians and Israelis who experience the conflict in their daily life? Would you like to become active in an international educational network of students promoting human rights in Israel/Palestine? Apply for the FFIPP Education Program 2015! For more information and the application form click: FFIPP Education Program 2015 

FFIPP Europe Speaking tour 2014: Eu and Israel/Palestine: Dead end or opening window? MARCH 28TH, IN AMSTERDAM


FFIPP (Educational network for Human Rights in Palestine/Israel) in collaboration with Palestine Link is delighted to invite you to Amsterdam for the FFIPP Speaking Tour 2014 on EU policies regarding Israel/Palestine. From Paris to Amsterdam, through Bordeaux, Grenoble and Geneva, the Speaking Tour is aimed to raise awareness among students and academic staff about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and to promote a just peace in accordance with International Law.

For the last decades, the EU has always, and without respite, condemned the colonization policy in the Occupied Palestinian Territory for 3 major reasons: the Israeli settlements are illegal under international law, they constitute a “potential” obstacle to peace, and they make a two states solution impossible. In fact, there are contradictions in the European policy towards Israel. Indeed, while the constructions of illegal settlements continue its expansion, the EU prefers not to take any coercive measures.

The oncoming European Parliament elections are here to remind ourselves the rise of the EU on the international field, promoting human rights as a motivation for its diplomatic relations. Considering that, one could wonder how the EU, gaining power on the international scale, deals with one of the most acute situation of our times: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and all its counterparts. From ex-colonial power to present commercial relations and development aid, the EU has a very special relationship with both nations, which is open to criticism and debate.

The conference will address, among other issues, the role of the European Union in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the case of businesses invested in illegal settlements, labelling settlement products and EU’s commitments to respect and promote human rights.

The evening will take place at de Doelenzaal at the Universiteitsbibliotheek UvA.
ADDRESS: Singel 425, 1012 WP Amsterdam