FFIPP Internship 2017-2018

Would you like to learn more about Israel and Palestine, and obtain a perspective that goes beyond the media stories? Would you like to meet with journalists, human rights activists, NGO representatives, refugees and other Palestinians and Israelis who experience the conflict in their daily life? Would you like to become active in an international educational network of students promoting human rights in Israel/Palestine? Apply for the FFIPP Education Program 2017-2018!

The FFIPP Education program will include: organizing events in Amsterdam, a preparation program, an orientation week and internship in in Palestine and Israel, and afterwards being involved in the academic network.

We offer:

  • 1-month internship at one of our partner organizations in Israel or the Westbank.
  • An orientation week prior to the internship where you will visit o.a Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Ramallah, Hebron, as well as refugee camps, and meet with actors with different backgrounds and perspectives
  • Housing and coordination from FFIPP during the program
  • Involvement in an active worldwide student network
  • The ability to develop organizational and fundraising skills
  • The ability to raise awareness for human rights in an academic setting


  • Students enrolled at a university in the Netherlands, preferably in Amsterdam.
  • Interested in international relations, human rights etc.
  • Ability to organize events from January 2017 – January 2018
  • Ability to join the FFIPP Preparation weekend in France in June 2017
  • Available for the summer program
  • Motivated and available to become active within the international FFIPP network
  • A personal insurance


Assisting and organizing events

From January until June you will be an intern at the FFIPP. Together with the board you will organise movie screenings, discussions and other events surrounding the Israel/Palestine conflict. After your summer internship in Israel or Palestine you will become part of the board and organise these events.

The preparation Program consists of several preparation meetings in your local chapter and one weekend in France before going to Palestine/Israel. You will organise movie screenings, discussions and other events surrounding Palestine/Israel with the board. During this weekend FFIPP will provide you with valuable information concerning the facts on the ground and you will get to know other FFIPP participants from all over Europe.

The orientation week will take place in Israel and the West Bank. You will visit a.o. Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Ramallah, Hebron, as well as refugee camps, and meet with actors with different perspectives and backgrounds during conferences and meetings with Palestinian and Israeli students and civil society actors committed to peace and justice. The orientation week is a very educational experience and also a great opportunity for you to get to know the other FFIPP-participants from all over the world.*

The Summer Program is a one-month learning position at a partner organization, like a women’s rights bureau in Haifa, working with children in Nablus or with refugees in Ramallah. We also have other options such as conducting applied research or providing practical information to journalists. As the content of the work may vary the emphasis lies on the human character of the experience the program offers, and the opportunity to grasp the complexity of the conflict on the ground. Above all, a great human experience!**

*During the orientation week and summer program FFIPP coordinators will be in Israel and Palestine to supervise, reflect and evaluate your experiences with you. Also note that the current situation does not allow us to visit or provide a summer program in the Gaza Strip.

**Participants need to be aware of the fact that although there will be possibilities to contribute to the work of the partner host organization during the internship, the program represents above all an opportunity to learn.

Get involved in the academic network

After you have returned home, you help organizing events like movie screenings, conferences and debates throughout the academic year. For this you can use the insights you have gained during the summer internship. In addition to this, FFIPP offers a great international academic platform where you obtain organizational skills and raise awareness about the situation in Palestine/Israel.

***Partner organizations in the following areas:

– Animation, projects with children
- French and English classes
- Grassroots work (eg. women’s rights, farmers union, Bedouin rights)
- Art related projects (music, theatre)
- Human Rights
- Development, Environment
- Fundraising for research, organizational development
- Research (eg. law, journalism, urbanism, social sciences)

A few more details…

FFIPP will take care of all orientation week expenses (transportation, accommodation) as well as the costs of accommodation during the summer program period. However, expenses for food and transportation during the summer program month are the student’s responsibility, as are the costs of transportation to and from Israel, and to the preparation weekend.

Subscription to a personal insurance is mandatory. There is a small tuition fee to be come part of the FFIPP network.

We strongly encourage bachelor/ undergraduate students to apply.

The FFIPP team will gladly advise you with regards to internship grants (local community, university…) in order to help you finance your internship.

Application process

The selection process will run until January 24, 2017. You can download by clicking on the link: ffipp-2017-application. You can fill in the form in Dutch of English. Interviews will take place between the 23rd and the 30th of January.

For further questions you can contact us on ffipp.nl@gmail.com


Become a member of FFIPP-NL!

What is FFIPP-NL?
FFIPP-NL, based in Amsterdam, is the recent established Dutch chapter of the international organization Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian Peace, also known as ‘FFIPP’. This is an international academic network of Israeli, Palestinian and international students and faculty staff that works together towards the complete end of the occupation of the Palestinian territories and just peace in Israel and Palestine. FFIPP aims to achieve these goals by spreading awareness about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the role of international law and politics. The core activities of FFIPP consist of events at universities (seminars, exhibitions, film screenings) and an annual summerprogram during which students can intern or volunteer at one of our partner organizations in Israel and the West Bank.
For whom is FFIPP-NL?
All students and faculty staff of Dutch universities can become a member of FFIPP-NL. The membership fee is € 10,- a year. By becoming a member, you will support our activities and receive regular updates on all our events. You will also receive the FFIPP newsletter and you can participate in events for free, when non-members have to pay an entrance fee. Others who are not students nor faculty staff members but who would like to support our activities nonetheless, are of course also welcome to become a member of FFIPP-NL.
How to become a member of FFIPP-NL?
If you would like to become a member, please transfer € 10,- to bank account no. 589825607, “FFIPP-NL” in Amsterdam. Write down ‘membership + your name’ in the description space. Then, please send an e-mail to ffipp.nl@gmail.com with your name, address, e-mail address and student-number (if a student at the University of Amsterdam). Please also indicate your field of studies or profession, and at which university you study or work. You will receive a confirmation by email within two weeks after your payment.
More information about FFIPP?
At this moment we are working on the FFIPP-NL website. Hence this blog which, for the time being, will function as your main source of information on FFIPP-NL related news. General information about FFIPP can be found on www.ffipp.org Also visit the website of our French colleagues, at www.ffipp-france.com You can also become a member of our facebook group – search ‘FFIPP-NL’. If your questions however remain unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact us at ffipp.nl@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming activities. More information follows soon!