FFIPP Summer Program and Internship 2020/2021

This year, the Summer Program takes place from 5 July 2019 till 10 August 2020. The first week consists of an Orientation Week, in which you will travel to various cities in the West Banka and Israel to meet Palestinian and Israeli NGOs, attend a range of lectures with researchers, activists, politicians and journalists and visit sites important to understanding the situation on the ground. After this week, you will spend four weeks interning at one of our partner organisations. These internships are, above all, an opportunity to learn, to observe, to gain a better understanding of the conflict on the ground, and to meet with local organisations working to promote human rights. It is important to realize that this program is different from any other program you may apply to because it allows for every participant to have their own unique experiences.
As an international student network, we provide you with the opportunity to go to Palestine/Israel for five weeks and to experience different realities on the ground. In order to have an extended impact, this opportunity also comes with the commitment to stay involved in our organization for the coming year. Back in Europe, you are expected to be active in your local chapter and to share your knowledge through the organization of speaking events, lectures, exhibitions, conferences and any other interesting event in order to raise awareness of the conflict at the local level. As a student network, we rely on the active involvement of students once they are back in their own country. It is important to understand that FFIPP provides a year-long experience and commitment, of which the five weeks Summer Programme is only the beginning.

As highlighted above, interns spend 4 out of the 5 weeks in Palestine/Israel interning in one of our partner organisations. Although the partners that we work with vary from year to year, we do have an indicative list of the issues in which our partner organisations work on. This includes research (in for example law and journalism), working in a grassroot organisation (e.g. women’s rights, farmers union, Bedouin rights), projects with children, working in refugee camps, focusing on environmental issues, and art and culture related projects (music, theatre).

We offer:

  • 1-month internship at one of our partner organizations in the West Bank or Israel
  • An orientation week prior to the internship in which you will visit Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Ramallah, Hebron, Nablus, Haifa as well as refugee camps, and meet with actors with different backgrounds and perspectives
  • Housing and coordination from FFIPP during the program
  • Involvement in an active worldwide student network
  • The ability to develop organizational and fundraising skills
  • The ability to raise awareness for human rights in an academic setting


  • Students enrolled in a university in the Netherlands.
  • Interested in human rights, international relations etc.
  • Ability to organize events from September 2020 – June 2021
  • Ability to join the FFIPP Preparation weekend in France in June 2020
  • Available for the summer program July-August 2020 (five weeks)
  • Motivated and available to become active within the international FFIPP network
  • A personal insurance


The application process for the summer internship program 2020 closes February 14, 23:59. Please send the application form (together with your CV) to ffipp.nl@gmail.com. Please make sure to read the Conditions of Participation before you apply.


2 thoughts on “FFIPP Summer Program and Internship 2020/2021

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